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About Construction


No matter how widespread the construction industry is, it
does not necessary mean it is always easy to find competent
employees. 1Personal offers staffing solutions for
every profession in the construction field - engineers to
scaffolders. For each profession, we make sure they have
adequate training, experience and internationally recognized
We can recruit architects, designers, bricklayers, welders,
plumbing, electrical, carpenters, sheet metal workers,
roofers, concrete workers, scaffolders and more.
Logistics industry keeps globally increasing thanks to
trading and technology, increased possibilities and
options to offer advanced approaches, including 3pl.
1Personal has the know-how and the manpower to do so,
so we can meet your expectations in various aspects of
logistics. A brief list of professionals we can accomodate
you with: managing directors, operations managers, site
managers, dispatchers etc who all have extensive experience
on a regional and international level. In addition, we
are able to offer flight and sea crew, CE drivers etc.

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