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We can supplie the Automotiv segments with high skilled
professionals, in all EU countries. All of our staff have
good skills in the English Language, and have experiance
and certificates, degrees and the right education.

The automotive industry is becoming more and more
technological with new applications, new environmental
requirements, and a new way of working. We give
priority to safety, sustainability and environment. No
matter your needs, we can deliver the right personnel
with the appropriate training, experience, education and
certificates. Our professionals range anywhere from
vehicle developers, IT specialists, vehicle test drivers, to
interior and exterior cleaners. With the environment
taking a turn to more economical fuel/electricity/gas
alternatives, the industry is developing higher demands.
We can meet your expectations as we have a vast
database of only the best employees. We constantly
invest in our people whether through academic career
related education either via our own training center or
via third parties. Active and up-to-date training helps
our staff provide the best possible service to you.

Mõisa 4
13522 Tallinn Направления jobs@1personal.se +372 5015750

Sweden jobs

Olof Palmes gata 29
111 22 Stockholm Направления info@1personal.se +372 555 33995

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